Here are a few testimonials from patients the osteopath has helped treat over the years:

“It took some persuading from my husband for me to make my first appointment with Michael some five years ago. I am so glad I did though! Regular treatments on my back and my knees have meant that I can still work, have a good quality of life and won’t ‘end my days in a wheelchair’ as I was told would happen by a clinician. I have nothing but praise for how he has helped me and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.”

GW age 62, Staffordshire

“I first visited Michael Horsnall about seven months ago suffering from chronic prostatitis and lower back pain. The first consultation was very thorough and he was honest enough to say what he could help treat my condition. After suffering with these symptoms for many years I had seen doctors and consultants with no positive outcomes at all. After my third visit to Michael I felt much better and the symptoms I had been suffering from seemed to be disappearing, and I can honestly say after my sixth visit they had literally gone.

I can report that now, seven months later they have all gone and my life is now fully

active and I see my monthly visits to his clinic as part of my lifestyle regime. I would not hesitate recommending patients to visit Michael’s clinic, as his professional approach and vast knowledge can been seen in such a remarkable turn round in my condition.”

MB age 48 Stone, Staffordshire

“With a chronic back condition as a result of many years of working as a nurse, the treatments I have received over the years from Michael keep me pain free. It is reassuring to know that no unnecessary treatment is given. The quality and professional delivery is second to none.”

KW age 51 Staffs

“I had suffered from very mild lower back pain following a sporting accident at college about 50 years ago. From time to time this mild condition would erupt badly and on one such occasion Mike Horsnall offered to treat me. This gave me some relief, though it was not a cure. However a few months later I was again in more pain and went to Mike for a further session. Over the years I found that I was seeking treatment about every two months. This pattern eventually settled down into a six weekly visits, which has been going on for the last fifteen years or so.

Often there are no “presenting symptoms” when I go for my regular visit, but I value the manipulation of joints and massage. I always come away from the treatment feeling generally “loosened up”. Now at the age of 76 I recognise that my body will inevitably stiffen and slow down. I am sure this regular osteopathic treatment contributes to my general feeling of wellbeing at this age.

I now place great store by these regular sessions with Michael.”

R M.V aged 76, Stafford

“I came to see Michael after being diagnosed with a twisted clavicle, painful arthritis in my shoulder and a slipped disk in C5-C6 vertebrae in my neck. I was in constant, debilitating pain that was starting to affect my mental wellbeing and kept me from continuing my full time job. After assessing my condition Michael Horsnall was very honest about my chances of recovery and recuperation which helped me understand what I could expect, especially since I have hypermobility in most joints.

After a few sessions the pain was greatly diminished and movement felt natural and easy once more. He took the time to look at all my joints and assess the entirety of my body as a whole. With each session I felt closer to normality and to the active lifestyle I craved.

These days I see the osteopath every month or so in order to maintain a healthy balance and keep joint strains under control. I have been extremely happy with the results and where numerous doctors seemed to not be able to help, Michael’s expert knowledge alleviated pains and aches for me.”

OB, aged 27, Stafford

Michael Horsnall was first recommended to me by a friend who had suffered similar problems to my own, caused by over softening of pelvic ligaments during pregnancy. From about 20 weeks onwards walking was very painful (so was standing and sitting) and my condition deteriorated as the pregnancy progressed. I saw Michael at roughly three-week intervals and in short, it was these appointments that kept me able to walk throughout the rest of my pregnancy.

At each session Michael would assess the changes in my pelvis and back and by gentle manipulation of my skeleton, help things to realign and, thereby, function better than they had been. I was doing regular core muscle work, which had some beneficial effect, but without the manipulation that gently repositioned my pelvis and lower spine, the pain and loss of functional movement would have been too great to bear.

An osteopathic treatment depends on a trusting relationship between practitioner and client. Putting yourself in some else’s hands and allowing them to move whole limbs when you have been in pain can be a challenge. Being pregnant made me feel particularly vulnerable and I can vouch for Michael’s expert professionalism and sensitivity to ‘the whole person’. I always felt like Michael managed to speak to the normal, well person in me, whilst showing great empathy for the constraints caused by my pain.

Once my baby was born I went for a few more sessions to help optimise my recovery. Michael always told me what to expect and gave me helpful, realistic advice about managing my condition and my recovery. Reflecting on that time now, I cannot imagine going through it without the therapeutic intervention of Michael Horsnall, Osteopath.

When my daughter was just two, I foolishly twisted and squeezed myself into a child’s fairground ride with her and did myself a real mischief. I wrongly presumed it to be a soft tissue injury and put up with the ensuing unpredictable pain for a year. Finally I went to see Michael and he diagnosed a misalignment and started working on my lower back/pelvis ligaments. After what he often refers to as ‘a handful of treatments’ I am now much improved and experience little pain and enjoy normal movement most of the time.

Shape and size don’t matter. At a size 18, I am conscious of being in only my underwear and a gown, but I find myself laughing quietly sometimes at the osteopath’s X-ray hands. My skeleton and Michael’s hands have their own conversation and what makes up the rest of me seems to be of little consequence. In fact I once mused that after Michael had freed up the proper movement of all my little articulating joints that the coordination of my movements felt like poetry. No mean feat in my case!

UM, aged 46, Stafford